Filthaus GmbH: our building blocks for quality products

We have been developing innovative solutions in plastics technology since 1988

We apply strict standards with regard to the quality of our plastic products: state-of-the-art, computer-controlled injection moulding machines, competent and experienced teams of employees, an integrated quality management system and profound knowledge of the plastics technology market guarantee these standards at all times.

We always have an awareness of quality, environmental and health protection as well as workplace safety when manufacturing plastic jars, pots, measurement scoops, technical parts and pharmaceutical packaging. Our company supports a zero error policy through the entire production process in the manufacture of its plastic products, thus ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. We have developed a new quality term to ensure the highest level of quality on a sustainable basis: we try to eliminate possible problems in advance and therefore are always looking for new solutions to be able to optimise our production and increase the quality of our products.

We also keep a close watch on the plastics technology market, economic trends and challenges. We guarantee maximum efficiency and sustainability with this work philosophy. The quality of our plastic solutions not only complies with all legislation and requirements within the plastic packaging industry, but also guarantees a secure, resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly production process.

Our committed and professionally trained employees who are passionately devoted to plastics technology and will gladly provide you with expert advice represent a further building block for quality assurance. All these factors help to ensure that we work with the highest level of quality in the field of plastics technology across all industry sectors on a sustainable basis and remain innovative and competitive.