Accessories for professionals: measurement scoops and press-off spoons

Our plastic scoops and spoons are the perfect complement for a jar and pot

We also offer measurement scoops that are suitable for our diverse range of plastic jars, which can be combined with any size of jar or pot. The plastic scoops and spoons are dimensionally stable, sustainable and accurate to the gram. The Filthaus standard range is available with volumes ranging from 7 ml to 25 ml and lengths of 64 mm to 128 mm. You want to give your plastic measurement scoop its own individual design? Even that is possible: we will gladly manufacture it to your own design specifications and even apply your logo if required.

Press-off spoons guarantee precise dosing in the dental sector

Our press-off spoon is an optimum product for customers in the dental sector in particular: with a volume of 13 ml, we guarantee dosing that is safe and accurate to the gram. Dentists value the possible combinations with our plastic jars in addition to the perfect dosing. We therefore not only ensure professional dentistry work but also a visually appealing design with our matching products.

Which product is the right one for you? Use our product configurator to help you choose. We will gladly advise you and send you a no obligation quotation. If you have any questions or would like to receive a customised quotation, just give us a call or use our enquiry form!