Food: we are partners for the highest demands

Filthaus solutions meet stringent industry requirements

We have been working for customers in the food industry for many years and know their sector, their dynamic directives and the requirements of consumers. Filthaus GmbH manufactures plastic food packaging that meets extremely demanding standards. Because the packaged food comes into contact with the plastic jar, we pay great attention to any possible interaction between the packaging and content – in line with the stringent EC directives. So that our customers achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and end users enjoy the product to the fullest, we also direct the plastic jars for the food sector towards consumer behaviour in addition to the Consumer Goods Ordinance and therefore regularly optimise our plastic solutions

It is not just the quality of our products that it important for our customers, but also that they are delivered on time: we therefore fully adhere to delivery times because we know that reliability in delivery and handling is the highest priority for our customers in the food industry.