Industry: technical plastic parts meet the highest demands

We manufacture products in an injection moulding process to suit customers' requirements

We manufacture complex technical plastic parts for industry that are required for different applications. We produce these parts in a 1 and 2-component process as well as in a mono-sandwich injection moulding process with a shot capacity up to 980 grams. Our state-of-the-art machinery is operated by competent employees. This allows us to manufacture extremely sophisticated and complex products with the utmost precision and optimise them to suit customers' requirements. It goes without saying that we take care of the subsequent surface finishing to guarantee the outstanding quality. Ask for an individual solution: FILTHAUS plastics supports you with the development and drawing of your plastic part and can manufacture it in small and large production quantities.

The complex technical plastic parts that leave our factory reliably fulfil their purpose. Our employees' know-how, manufacturing expertise and precision are the prerequisites needed to be able to develop exactly the right technical part that our customers are looking for.