Pet food: our products meet the highest quality standards

Pet food manufacturers use Filthaus jars.

Many of our customers come from the pet food industry. We know this sector, its directives and the requirements with regards to packaging materials and quality. Filthaus GmbH produces a wide range of plastic jars for the agricultural husbandry of domesticated animals, as well as the subordinate nutrition industry. Our jars for pet food are developed to the highest quality standards and regularly tested by the Frauenhofer Institute according to stringent criteria. Because the packaged pet food comes into contact with the plastic jar, we pay great attention to any possible interaction between the packaging and content – in line with the stringent EC directives.

It is not just the quality of our products that it important for our customers in the pet food industry, but also that they are delivered on time: we therefore fully adhere to delivery times because we know that reliability in delivery and handling is the highest priority for our customers in the pet food industry.